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What makes Sanjara products superior to others?

Sanjara only uses pure, natural, organic ingredients. Ingredients are ethically sourced so that all ingredients are cruelty-free, sustainably harvested, and fair trade. What really sets us apart from most cosmetic brands, though, is what isn’t in any of our products: we never use preservatives, parabens, harsh chemicals, palm oil, perfumes, dyes, Bismuth Ox Chloride, or any animal ingredients. Our all-natural ingredients mean you will glow with healthy, beautiful skin!

Also, all of our cosmetics are extra long-lasting because we use only natural pigments with no synthetic dyes or fillers. Our pure pigments are stronger than anything artificial or watered down, so they naturally last and a little will go a long way. In this way, Sanjara cosmetics are not only better for you, they can be more economical than other brands.

All Sanjara products’ ingredients have been assessed and approved in Compliance with the EU Cosmetics safety Directive, so you know it is completely safe as well as effective.

Do Sanjara products contain nanoparticles?

No. Nanoparticles are so  tiny that they can easily be absorbed into the body and pose serious health risks once they are there. For that reason, Sanjara will never use nanoparticles as ingredients in any of its products.

Are Sanjara products ever tested on animals?

No. We recognize that animal testing is unethical, so none of our ingredients are tested on animals. Only ethically sourced ingredients are found in our products.

Are Sanjara Ethical Beauty products is Vegan?

Yes. Absolutely nothing produced by or coming from animals will ever be found in Sanjara products.  They are 100% animal free, and 100% vegan.

What kind of sun protection can I expect from Sanjara products?

Our ingredients include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which together naturally provide sun protection of between SPF 15 and 20. So while Sanjara products improve the health of your skin, they are also protecting it from harmful UV rays.

For what skin types are Sanjara products suitable?

Because our products are all made using 100% Natural and Organic ingredients, they are ideal for any and all skin types. Whether normal, oily, sensitive, dry, aging, easily irritated or some combination, our 100% natural, organic ingredients work with your skin’s chemistry to make it glowing, healthy, and beautiful!

Are Sanjara products are Gluten free?

Yes. Because all Sanjara products are gluten free, they are ideal for anyone sensitive to gluten or just wanting to avoid the unhealthy effects of absorbing gluten in your body.

How easy are Sanjara cosmetic products to apply?

Sanjara products are easy to apply and easy to use. Because we only use pure pigments as ingredients, you just need to be careful not to apply too much. It generally takes 10-15 minutes to apply full makeup, and it lasts all the way through your day.

My skin is really dry. Is this a good product for me?

Yes, our makeup products are naturally suited to dry skin. They will help heal your skin and do not dry it out any further. It also won’t settle into the fine lines on your face, so your skin won’t look dry and cracked, either.

How long can I expect my Sanjara makeup to last once I’ve applied it?

Because the pigments we use are all-natural and pure, with no fillers or unneeded artificial ingredients, Sanjara Make up is naturally long lasting. When you apply it in the morning, you can expect it to last all through the day.

Is Sanjara makeup water resistant?

Yes, Sanjara makeup is naturally water resistant. Whether you are swimming, running through the rain, or just sweating really humid weather, Sanjara makeup won’t come off easily.

How do I remove my Sanjara makeup?

No need for lotion or cold cream, you simply need to use makeup remover pads and water. It is really just that simple!